Dog High Jump


Matt and Taneal Anderson  Tel. 0428 964 279

Small Dogs – 30cm or under
Entry Fee $5/dog/event
Prizes 1st – $50, 2nd – $30, 3rd – $20

Medium Dogs – 30cm and over
Entry Fee $5/dog/event
Prizes 1st – $50, 2nd – $30, 3rd – $20

Open Event
Entry Fee $5/dog/event
Prizes 1st – $50, 2nd – $30, 3rd – $20

Entry on day at High Jump in Main Arena

Rules & Regulations for Dog High Jump

  1. This competition is a test of the dog’s jumping ability.
  2. The competition is open to all dogs.
  3. The dog is to jump over the wall; however the dog can touch any part of the jump to get over the wall.
  4. All dogs not jumping must be on a lead, with a handler in the marshalling area away from the jump run area.
  5. Only one dog may be loose in the competition area at any one time.
  6. The owner has the right to select the height, above the minimum height, at which the dog will commence competition.
  7. It is suggested that a second handler be used to catch the dog on the other side of the jump.
  8. Each dog is allowed three jump attempts at each height if necessary until only one dog remains to provide a winner.
  9. The dogs can remain on the lead during the run up and jumping, however the dogs cannot be assisted by the handler by pushing or pulling the lead.
  10. Any mishandling or misuse of the dog will incur immediate disqualification.
  11. Run up area and landing area to be flat with a platform land.
  12. The dogs can be encouraged over the jump by a handler, not on the other side of the jump, vocally or visually.
  13. If more than one dog has jumped the final height, a count back on refusals is to be done to find a winner. If all are equal the prize is shared, with each dog is declared winners.
  14. Dogs on showground at all times are to be securely tied or on a lead.
  15. Bitches in season are not permitted on ground.