Miniature Goats

2016 Mini Goat Schedule Dungog Show


Sean Wallace Tel. 0408 416 875

Entries close
Email entries to Fe Everett [email protected]

  • All exhibitors are required to pay their own entry fee into the show.
  • Entry Fees: $20.00 per stud plus $2.00 per class – fees MUST be paid before show begins.
  • Entry fees are not refundable. Studs who email entries will still be responsible to pay outstanding
    fees even if show is not attended.
  • All original entry forms and fees (if not previously paid) MUST be handed to the steward on show day.
  • Animals MUST be penned no later than TBC.
  • Judging commences at TBC.
  • Exhibitors must be current financial members of Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc at close of
  • All Animals must hold current MGA registration certificates.
  • Animals must have NLIS ear tag in place and Identification must be confirmed prior to commencement
    of judging. A written waybill to the Show Society is also mandatory.
  • All Animals must be measured in prior to the commencement of judging and any animal not measured
    will not be permitted to show.

Please Note MGA does not hold Public Liability insurance at this time. Please also be aware that children under the age of 16 years must have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian to handle animals in the ring on show day.
MGA show rules apply to every show and will be enforced.
MGA rules can be found on the events page at

Miniature Goats Australia would like to thank the Dungog Show Society, all Trophy Donors, Sponsors, Judges and Stewards for their assistance and generosity.

Please Note
The Show aims to run to time, but as there are people and animals involved we may not be able to be on time all the time. Please be patient and we’ll get the events on as soon as possible. In some cases the Show Society may need to adjust start times and we will let you know as soon as we are able.